Domestic Student Services

1) Are you planning to start uni or college next year?
2) Got a Plan B in case your ATAR is lower than expected?
3) Not sure which institution and how to apply?

Let IDP Student Services Australia help you. Speak to our Education Counsellors today and get immediate access to a range of our free services:

- Course counselling, comparison and recommendation
- Pathway study options
- Admissions application preparation and submission
- Liaise with institution admissions on application status and Letter of Offer
- Offer acceptance
- Change of institutions and course preferences
- Credit transfer application

Who is IDP and what does it do?

Since 1969, IDP Education has played a major role in international education and development. We were set up in the time of the Colombo Plan, when development aid was the dominant driver of international education, and we became a leader in delivering education assistance to the Asian region. In the mid-1980’s IDP began recruiting international students for Australian education institutions. Since that time we have become the world’s largest international student placement provider and assisted more than 300,000 students to achieve their goal of an international education. IDP is currently jointly owned by 38 prestigious Australian universities and SEEK Ltd, owner of Australia’s number one jobs website,

Our five Student Services Offices in Australia offer prospective students course counselling and application assistance for studying in over 400 institutions in Australia. Our experienced Education Counsellors have access to valuable sources of information regarding admissions process, course fees, financial aid options and scholarships. They are specialised in matching you with the right courses and study pathways to reach your goal.

We offer domestic students:
- a greater range of information about courses and educational institutions in 
  Australia than any other education adviser
- free enrolment services for a full range of education opportunities including
  universities, TAFE and private colleges
- high standards and offer unbiased advice about your study options
- assistance through the process from beginning to end – reducing the time, effort
  and cost of gaining admissions
- all our services are FREE of charge to you

We speak languages other than English like Arabic, Bangla, Cantonese, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, Thai, Urdu and Vietnamese.


Get the better advice on courses & institutions.

Visa application

Visa processing with professional help from visa counsellors

On Arrival

Briefing on what to expect during your stay in Australia.
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